An-Ting Yi joins School of Theology

An-Ting Yi joins Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, School of Theology. He is responsible for designing the curriculum for Advanced Academic programs at the School of Theology, as well as academic writing and research within Foundation Academy, in collaboration with the Dean of Education. We are delighted to have An-Ting as a member of our team. All of our faculty members are volunteers.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, An-Ting became the first Christian among his family members in high school time. An-Ting studied Business Administration and Philosophy in the undergraduate, and graduated from China Evangelical Seminary with a Master of Divinity. After seminary, he worked for several years in church and institutional contexts in his hometown. Then in 2015, together with his wife Esther, An-Ting came to Amsterdam to pursue advanced study in Theology at Vrije Universiteit. He received a Research Master degree in 2017, and has been working on a dissertation in the field of New Testament textual criticism since then. An-Ting has successfully published several articles in peer-reviewed journals on subjects including the history of scholarship, archival investigation, manuscript studies, and Bible translation. Alongside his PhD research, An-Ting is also the secretary of the Amsterdam New Testament Colloquium, and at the same time he voluntarily serves in a Mandarin-speaking church in Amsterdam.