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Research Inclusion - Exclusion

Foundation Academy of Amsterdam partners in the research project called: ‘Exclusion versus inclusion; searching for Biblical inspiration’ (2020-2023). chaired by prof. dr. Dr. Bernhard Reitsma, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Religion and Theology. School of Divinity of Foundation Academy participates in this research on two levels: Practice and Expert

  • The practical research level: The School of Divinity organised two focus group meetings with the students. The first meeting focussed on the personal experiences of inclusion and exclusion, in the second meeting a Text from the Bible has been read and reflected on.

  • Expert Level: The experts in this research come from various backgrounds and disciplines. The aim is to write articles which will be part of a bundle around inclusive and exclusive practices with an emphasis on apostacy, the ultimate exclusion: leaving the faith.

On the side of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam Dr. Simon Ririhena (head of the Center for Non-Western Theology) and Dean of the School of Divinity, Laura Dijkhuizen contribute in writing an article.

Laura co-authors her article about the inclusion and exclusion on the basics of gender together with Dr. Jack Barentsen, professor in Practical Theology at the ETF in Leuven, Belgium.

More information: laura.dijkhuizen@foundation.eu.com or visit https://kerk-islam.nl/en/current-research/current-research/

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