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Laura Dijkhuizen 

Dean, School of Theology

Wonderful! You have reached the web page of The School of Theology. This is where we do God-talk, a popular translation of the word theology. Together with a very diverse group of students and lecturers from different ethnographic backgrounds and denominations, we try to learn more about God, the Bible, religion, humanity, and many other interesting topics. 
At Foundation Academy’s School of Theology, we do not study theology just to discuss, write papers, and take exams! We do theology because we live what we learn!

We practice theology in a special area within Amsterdam. It is called ‘The Bijlmer,’ and it can best be described as a melting pot of cultures. We are situated in the cultural Education Center (CEC) with several other organizations in a vibrant neighborhood. When I travel to work by train and subway, I tend to step out two stops earlier to walk through the area. There, I can enjoy the people, the vibrant conversations, the elderly from Africa or Latin America who sit on a bench at the small square around the corner enjoying some delicious food from the Turkish restaurant next to our building, or watching the long row of people waiting for their orders from the Surinam takeaway restaurant just below us. These walks fill me with gratitude for God’s wonderful, diverse and colorful creation. Thus, I arrive at work with a smile on my face and a bursting heart with a passion for God and humanity. 

In our School of Theology, there are 3 main programs with specific levels and content: 

  1. The first is a practical ministry program called Theology in the Bijlmer and Beyond. The program is intended for pastors and church leaders nearby and far away to follow practical courses about the Bible, ministry in the church, leadership, and missions. The program consists of a certificate component, developed together with the Jethro Foundation, and a one-year diploma program. 

  2. Secondly, we have our Academic Program focused on students who would like to study theology at an undergraduate level.

  3. Lastly, our Advanced Academic Program is developed in close relationships with universities in the Netherlands and leads to either a Certificate of Theology, as a stepping stone into a Master of Theology at a university, or an Advanced Academic Diploma of Theology, which is at a master’s level. 

All programs are available online depending on the number of students. The programs can also be followed in class-based or hybrid forms. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our programs at the School of Theology.

Laura Dijkhuizen

Academic Dean

Senior Lecturer in Theology


The School of Theology at Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is an educational community where the grand narrative of the Bible interacts with our personal stories. We do theology in a multi-cultural, academic setting where the encounters with our fellow learners help us to find hope and meaning in an often fragile and complex world. This is both transformative and enriching.

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