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We need your help. Consider Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

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1.Sponsor Foundation Academy of Amsterdam Financially 


At the moment Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is located in a multifunctional education center in Amsterdam. Together with other educational institutions from the Netherlands, we share the place. Even though Foundation Academy of Amsterdam's facilities are humble, and the costs are reasonable, we still have to cover the rent. We hope there are generous people or organizations who are willing to shoulder some part of the costs for our facilities. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is a member of ANBI (useful for tax purposes in the Netherlands).


Account Information 


Stg. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

Account No. 5780947  OR (IBAN Number: NL96INGB0005780947)


Name of the Bank:   ING BANK NV


Address of the Academy

Bijlmerdreef 1289 

1103 TV Amsterdam 

The Netherlands



2.Sponsor our students 

With 25 Euros per months, you can help us educate one student!


3.Promote Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

Promote Foundation Academy of Amsterdam among your friends. Campaign on our behalf and look for more sponsors.


4.Join our volunteer faculty 

Foundation Academy of Amsterdam encourages scholars to join the volunteer faculty in the fields of theology, intercultural studies, inter-religious dialogue (attention areas: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism), Human Rights, World History, political science, or in any other relevant field. The Applicants must have Masters Degree or above.  


For more info please email to c/o Mrs. Jennifer.  Or fill in the contact form on the left

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