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We need your help. Consider Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

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Account Information 


Stg. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

Account No. 5780947  

IBAN Number: NL96INGB0005780947)



Name of the Bank:   ING BANK NV


Address of the Academy

Bijlmerdreef 1289 

1103 TV Amsterdam 

The Netherlands

At The Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, we believe education is a lifelong asset that can never be lost or taken away. Through education, we empower our students to become the owners of their destinies and positively impact that of others. 

Ways in which you can support us:

  • Make a one-time donation, regardless of the amount, to support our education, supply students with study materials, and expand our outreach.

  • Become a monthly donor to help sustain our programs long-term and fuel the development of new projects. Your consistent support enables us to offer education to an increasing number of students.

  • Sponsor a student for $25 a month. Your sponsorship covers their tuition, offering them the chance to pursue their dreams.

  • Organize a fundraising event, like a charity run, a bake sale, or any other creative idea you have in mind to raise funds for the Foundation Academy of Amsterdam. Your efforts help us reach more students and create a lasting impact in their lives.


  • Volunteer your time and expertise to support our students. Whether your skills are in education, mentoring, fundraising, or other relevant fields, you'd be a valuable addition to The Foundation Academy of Amsterdam.

  • Besides financial contributions, we value in-kind donations such as books, technology equipment, educational resources, or other items that enhance our students' learning opportunities and experiences.


  • We welcome partnerships with corporations and businesses that resonate with our vision. By sponsoring us, your organization contributes to positive social change, aiding us in achieving our mission.

Your support is integral to our organization and our mission to foster a more just and equitable world through accessible higher education. Your contributions have the power to transform lives and rewrite the stories of marginalized individuals; they allow our students to dream.

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