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Faculty & Staff

All the lecturers & the staff of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offer their services on a voluntary basis, with the goal to pass on their knowledge and experiences to those who never had a fair chance to pursue higher education. 
Administrative Staff
  • Mrs. Jennifer Matulay-Retotar, Registrar & Coordinator (Volunteer)​​

  • Mr. E. Retotar, Technical support (Volunteer)

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Bento, Secretariat-student admin

  • Dr. Samuel Lee, president

  • Ir. Minda Jusay Groeneveld, Chairwoman

  • Mrs. Mary France Dado, member of the board

  • Mrs. K.H. Lee, member of the board

Academic Deans
  • ​​Tjeerd de Boer (Dean of Education)

  • Laura Dijkhuizen (School of Divinity)

  • Matthew Tayo, M.A. (School of Divinity, Philippines)

  • Rien van der Toorn Ir. (School of Global Studies)

  • Jille Belisario (School of Integrated Human Rights)​


Education Coordinators
  • Mr. Brian Bonkestoter Online Coordinator 

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Bento, Global Studies Coordinator

  • Mr. Wilson Bento Theology Coordinator

  • Mrs. Jenniffer Matulay-Retotar, Integrated Human Rights Coordinator 

Advisory Board
  • Prof. dr. Carl Raschke 

  • Dr. Deryl Gulliford

  • Prof. Dr. Amos Yong 

  • Dr. Simon Ririhena

School of Global Studies

  • Rien van der Toorn  Ir.– Wageningen University (Dean)

  • Samuel Lee, Ph.D.

  • Minda Jusay Groeneveld (Ir.) 

  • Hadje Sadje, M.A. - Protestant Theological University -Amsterdam The Netherlands​

  • Tjeerd de Boer, Ph.D.

School of

Intergrated Human Rights
  • ​Jille Belissario (Dean)

  • Samuel Lee, Ph.D.

  • Minda Jusay Groeneveld (Ir.) 

  • Godian Egiogu (M.A.)

  • Jo Obi (M.A.)

  • Petra Snelders (M.A.)

School of Theology
  • Stefan Bernard, Rev. Moravian Church in the Netherlands

  • Alex Chan – Ph.D. Southern California Graduate School of Theology

  • Tjeerd de Boer (Ph.D.)

  • Samuel J. Ekpo – M.A. Nijmegen University

  • John Harris: Theologian, field coordinator at International Teams Netherlands

  • Emmanuel Jayola: Theologian

  • Apollo Makara, Theologian

  • Shingi Masunda: PhD candidate at the Protestant Theological University 

  • Stefan Paas, Professor of Missiology and Intercultural Theology (Kampen Univ. & VU)

  • Mathew Tayo – D.Min, Foundation University 

  • Marieke Sillevis Smitt (M.A. Practical Theology and Ethics )

  • Thandi Soko-de Jong: Ph.D candidate at the Protestant Theological University

  • Anderson Yan – presently doing his Ph.D. in Kings College London

  • Jackson G. Weah –D.Min – Africa International University

  • Adrian van Zutphen, (M.A. in Theology)

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