Faculty & Staff

All the lecturers & the staff of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offer their services on a voluntary base, with the goal to pass on their knowledge and experiences to those who never had a fair chance to pursue higher education. Since School of Divinity and School of Global Studies have overlapping subjects, all our faculty members can be active in both schools.
Global Studies

  • Rien van der Toorn  Ir.– Wageningen University (Dean)

  • Samuel Lee, Ph.D.

  • Minda Jusay Groeneveld (Ir.) 

  • Hadje Sadje, M.A. - Protestant Theological University -Amsterdam The Netherlands​

  • Tjeerd de Boer, Ph.D.

Intergrated Human Rights

  • Jille Belissario (Dean)

  • Samuel Lee, Ph.D.

  • Minda Jusay Groeneveld (Ir.) 

  • Godian Egiogu (M.A.)

  • Jo Obi (M.A.)

  • Petra Snelders (M.A.)

  • Dr. Samuel Lee, president

  • Ir. Minda Jusay Groeneveld, Chairwoman

  • Mrs. Mary France Dado, member of the board

  • Mrs. K.H. Lee, member of the board

Academic Deans


  • Tjeerd de Boer (Dean of Education)

  • Laura Dijkhuizen (School of Divinity)

  • Matthew Tayo, M.A. (School of Divinity, Philippines)

  • Rien van der Toorn Ir. (School of Global Studies)

  • Jille Belisario (School of Integrated Human Rights)​


Administrative Staff
  • Mrs. M. Jennifer, Registrar & Coordinator (Volunteer)​​

  • Mr. E. Retotar, Student Admin (Volunteer)

Advisory Board
  • Prof. dr. Carl Raschke 

  • Dr. Deryl Gulliford

  • Prof. Dr. Amos Yong 

  • Dr. Simon Ririhena

Lecturers Divinity
  • Stefan Bernard, Rev. Moravian Church in the Netherlands

  • Alex Chan – Ph.D. Southern California Graduate School of Theology

  • Tjeerd de Boer (Ph.D.)

  • Samuel J. Ekpo – M.A. Nijmegen University

  • John Harris: Theologian, field coordinator at International Teams Netherlands

  • Emmanuel Jayola: Theologian

  • Apollo Makara, Theologian

  • Shingi Masunda: PhD candidate at the Protestant Theological University 

  • Stefan Paas, Professor of Missiology and Intercultural Theology (Kampen Univ. & VU)

  • Mathew Tayo – D.Min, Foundation University 

  • Marieke Sillevis Smitt (M.A. Practical Theology and Ethics )

  • Thandi Soko-de Jong: Ph.D candidate at the Protestant Theological University

  • Anderson Yan – presently doing his Ph.D. in Kings College London

  • Jackson G. Weah –D.Min – Africa International University

  • Adrian van Zutphen, (M.A. in Theology)

Join our faculty


Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is looking for freelance scholars/teachers/professors who are interested to help us with establishing new divisions, faculties/colleges and curriculums based on distance education in any field of their specialty. Our goal is to provide cheaper and even free of charge education for Africa, Asia and less privileged migrants in Europe and around the world, therefore Foundation Academy of Amsterdam needs voluntary scholars who are willing to teach and mentor students from the developing nations, and through this way helping the poor nations develop through academic knowledge and skill. Are you interested? Email us your Curriculum Vitae! We need your help! office@foundation.eu.com