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Academic Diploma is between 160 - 180 ECTS. Duration of this program is 4-6 years.

The intensity and quality of Academic Diploma may be compared with a bachelor level program at a regular university.


Entry Requirements:  

Diploma from Foundation Academy of Amsterdam in the same field of studies. Or, diploma / advanced certificate from other academic institutions in the same or similar discipline.




This program is accredited by ICHE (International Council for Higher Education), a private Christian Accrediting organization with offices in Switzerland and India. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam does not issue Bachelor- and Master degrees and is not accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Organization (NVAO).

Academic Diploma in Global Studies

Academic Diploma of Global Studies is a 160 to 180 ECTS program, focusing on the basics of social sciences, such as sociology, cultural anthropology, politics, concepts of globalizations, world history, globalization of religion, and demography and methodology of research. Academic Diploma in Global Studies is more or less at the same level and quality of a BA program at a regular university, elsewhere. 


The goal of the Academic Diploma of Global Studies is to create awareness of the complexity of globalization in policy-making, north-south discussions, and international relations today. The program inspires the students to think of what action can be taken to challenge the trends in globalization in order to promote a just society.  

Academic Diploma in Christian Leadership & Applied Theology

Academic Diploma in Christian Leadership & Applied Theology, is a 160 - 180 ECTS credit program, focusing on scriptural foundations, theological and historical settings; this includes a survey of the Old and New Testament, church history, understanding social and global matters, leadership, and evangelism/mission in a contemporary context.


The goal of the AD program in the School of Divinity is to produce leaders who are in touch with the realities of the world in which they live, an applied form of theology: theology in practice.

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