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This certificate program equips and encourages church leaders in their current leadership roles in the church and prepares future leaders for their ministry. It runs in dozens of countries through Jethro Foundation worldwide, from Asia to the Middle East, to Africa, and to South America. Thousands of pastors participated and benefited from these practical and Bible-based teachings. This course is also made possible in the Netherlands due to a partnership between Jethro Foundation and Foundation Academy of Amsterdam.

The certificate course is given in 12 evenings from January till the end of June.
During these 12 evenings, five themes will be covered:

  1. The pastor as a shepherd: the identity and role of the pastor

  2. Passion for preaching: how to preach in an appealing way

  3. Discipleship: equipping the people of God

  4. Pastoral Care: essential tools for pastoral ministry

  5. Organizing the Church: introduction to all aspects of a

       church service and the community
The course is based on and uses the book The Pastor’s Manual, written by rev. Ron van der Spoel from the Jethro Foundation. Each student will receive a digital copy of this study book at the start of the course.
During the course, experienced theologians and church leaders, often with decades of first-hand experience, will share their experiences and equip you for leadership roles in your church.

To register for this program, contact Brian Bonkestoter, the coordinator for online programs:

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