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Welcome to the “Advanced Academic Diploma” webpage. Here you will find all the information you need concerning this program. As indicated by its name, Advanced Academic Diploma is designed for those who want to do advanced study in theology in an academic way. At first sight, the phrase “advanced academic” seems very high-level and even ivory-towered. And yet, what we mean at the Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is to do a critical and systematic reflection on the Bible, traditions, praxis, and our own cultural and contextual settings.


In today’s global-local context, everyone has their own unique story. In our program, therefore, we cordially invite you to share your aspirations, ideas, and thoughts. Based on your sharing and prospect, we are to do theology together. Small-group tutorials and “tailor-made” courses will be the way of teaching and exchanging. Ultimately, you will complete the journey with a specific project or thesis highly relevant to your pastoral ministry or academic interest.


If you hold an undergraduate degree and are interested in pursuing further theological study in this particular way, then you are more than welcome to contact us. Our program acts at the Master level. It contains two options depending on your previous theological education. “Advanced Academic Diploma in Theology” (90 EC) aims at those who already obtain theological training at the undergraduate level. “Certificate in Theology” (60 EC) is designed for those without a theological background in their previous education. Besides, there is also an “Additional Program for Individual Certificates” (15 EC each) for pastors and church and organization leaders who want to advance their knowledge of theology in specific fields. More details can be found in the Study Guide. [*link to the file].


Email us if you want to know more about our program. We will be happy to have a cup of coffee or tea with you (if you reside in the Netherlands) or arrange an online meeting to hear your inspiring story—indeed, we can bring our cups to the front of the screen! ​

Coordinator for the advanced academic program: An-Ting Yi 


An-Ting Yi was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He arrived in the Netherlands in 2015 to pursue advanced study in Theology. He is finishing his Ph.D. dissertation on the history of New Testament textual scholarship at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Alongside his academic endeavor, An-Ting also voluntarily serves in a Mandarin-speaking church in Amsterdam.

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