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Education is not a luxury for the rich and the powerful; education is a matter of human rights and human dignity!


Foundation Academy of Amsterdam has three schools; School of Divinity, School of Global Studies and School of Integrated Human Rights, offering Certificate, Diploma, Academic Diploma and Advanced Academic Diploma.
School of Theology

School of Theology is established to equip and train leaders both in the church and the marketplace. Reaching the nations of the world with the message of Christ needs new strategies combined with effective leadership, sufficient knowledge of science and technology, and a deeper understanding of the ongoing developments in our fragile world. School of Divinity emphasizes three crucial ideas: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity. Obtaining knowledge is not sufficient if it is not combined with Spirit-inspired wisdom, and Godly wisdom is ineffective if it is not practiced with integrity and dignity. All our courses are designed for Distance / Correspondence studies; this enables the student to choose at their own pace and according to their timetable.


Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offers Certificates, diplomas, Academic diplomas, and Advanced Academic Diploma in Christian Leadership & Applied Theology, which International Council fully accredits for Higher Education. Foundation Academy Amsterdam is a recognized member of the European Evangelical Accrediting Association & International Council for Higher Education.

School of Global Studies 

School of Global Studies offers various multi-disciplinary programs helping our students to understand and analyze how the world is changing. Global Studies emphasizes on global issues such as international migration, conflict, and violence, social justice, human trafficking, genocide, but also global cultures, and the role of religion in the global and local contexts. In order to understand the complexity of globalization, it combines various disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, economics, political science and world history. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offers Diploma, Academic Diploma and Advanced Academic Diploma of Global Studies, which are fully accredited by International Council for Higher Education. 

School of Integrated Human Rights

Human Rights education is about responsibility in creating and reclaiming sustainable development. The promotion of human rights, responsibility, and sustainable development are the pillars of the education.  Integrated Human Rights Education will facilitate the capacity of migrants to develop their own analysis of migrant rights, transnational responsibilities, and sustainable development. 

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