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Advanced Academic Diploma is between 90 - 120 ECTS. Duration of this program is 2 - 3 years. The intensity and quality of Academic Diploma Programs can be compared with a Masters level program at a regular university. 


Entry Requirements:  

Academic Diploma from Foundation Academy of Amsterdam  in the same field of studies. Or, diploma / advanced certificate from other academic institutions in the same or similar discipline.




This program is accredited by ICHE (International Council for Higher Education), a private Christian Accrediting organization with offices in Switzerland and India. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam does not issue Bachelor- and Master degrees and is not accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Organization (NVAO).





Advanced Academic Diploma of Global Studies is between 90 - 120 ECTS program to further specialization from  Academic Diploma in Global Studies.  Global poverty, environmental studies, and gender studies in a global and biblical context, terrorism are offered in the AAD program. Entire units are dedicated to the history of slavery, the contemporary slave trade, human rights, understanding terrorism, and the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. Advanced Academic Diploma of Global Studies is more or less in the same level and quality of a MA program at a regular university, elsewhere. The goal of the AAD program in Global Studies is to prepare the student to participate in various areas of society, such as the educational, governmental, religious, and commercial sectors by offering the knowledge and services that are acquired during their education.



GAA01 : Globalization & Culture (03)

GAA02 : Sociology in Global perspective (06)




Compulsory Courses

GAA03 : Introduction to Social Justice (06)

GAA04 : Aspects of Global Poverty (06)

GAA05 : Gender Inequality (06)


Elective Courses

The Student must choose 1 course from

GAA06 : Gender in Africa (03)

GAA07 : Gender in Asian (03)

GAA08 : Feminism & Religion (03)




Compulsory Courses

GAA09 : Introduction to Human Rights (06)

GAA10 : Human Rights in Biblical Context (06)

GAA11 : Globalization & Human Rights (06)


Elective Courses

The Student must choose 1 course from

GAA12 : Human Rights in Africa (03)

GAA13 : Human Rights in Asia (03)

GAA14 : Global Immigration & Human Rights (03)



The student must work as a volunteer in a human rights organization or an NGO specialized in gender or environment for a period of 30 days with practical working hours. This can also be spread during a period of 3 months, if necessary:


Practicum (12)

Reporting (12)




Compulsory Courses

GAA15 : Christianity & Social Justice (06)

GAA16 : Christianity & Social Change (06)


Elective Courses

The Student must choose 2 courses from

GAA17 : Christian Zionism (03)

GAA18 : Religion & Global Terrorism (03)

GAA19 : Christianity & Environmentalism (03)

GAA20 : Religion & Global Crisis (03)




Final Project can be in various forms, or combinations. Already from 90 ECTS (Includes practicum & Final Project) the student is allowed to graduate. The final project can be in a form of a literature research, fieldwork or an internship. A student undertaking an Academic Diploma must successfully complete ay least 160 ECTS of study (including a Final Paper/Project worth 25 ECTS). The student is required to submit a proposal to the supervisor. 


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