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Certificate programs are short courses based on a specific topic or subject. The load of certificate programs is more or less 10 to 30 ECTS.  


Entry Requirements: None 




This program is accredited by ICHE (International Council for Higher Education), a private Christian Accrediting organization with offices in Switzerland and India. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam does not issue Bachelor- and Master degrees and is not accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Organization (NVAO)




Survey of the Bible OT 

DAD01: Introduction to OT (04)

DAD02: The Pentateuch (02)

DAD03: Historical Books (02)

DAD04: Wisdom Books   (02)

DAD05: Prophets (02)


Survey of the Bible NT

DAD06: Introduction to NT (04)

DAD07: The Gospels & the book of Acts (03)

DAD08: Pauline Epistles (03)

DAD09: Judaic & Proto-Orthodox Christianity (03)

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