Diploma programs consist of clusters from different modules making together more or less 60 ECTS. Duration of this program is one year or lesser.


Entry Requirements: None 




This program is accredited by ICHE (International Council for Higher Education), a private Christian Accrediting organization with offices in Switzerland and India. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam the Netherlands does not issue Bachelor- and Master degrees and is not accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Organization (NVAO).




Diploma (Dip.) of Divinity is an extract from Academic Diploma programs in Applied Christian Leadership and Theology. It offers in basic academic level knowledge, skills and training. Those who successfully finish this program will get credit transfer for the program Academic Diploma in Applied Christian Leadership and Theology.




Survey of the Bible OT 

DAD01: Introduction to OT (04)

DAD02: The Pentateuch (02)

DAD03: Historical Books (02)

DAD04: Wisdom Books   (02)

DAD05: Prophets (02)


Survey of the Bible NT

DAD06: Introduction to NT (04)

DAD07: The Gospels & the book of Acts (03)

DAD08: Pauline Epistles (03)

DAD09: Judaic & Proto-Orthodox Christianity (03)




DAD10: Introduction to Theology (03)

DAD11: Knowing God (03)

DAD12: Christology (06)

DAD13: Holy Spirit (03)

DAD14: Humanity & God (03)

DAD15: Humanity & Sin (03)

DAD16: Ecclesiology (03)



Mini Project

The Student must prepare a mini project. This will be discussed with the instructor. (11 ECTS) 

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