Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is located at CEC Building on the second floor. CEC accomodates educational insititions.

School of Divinity is established to equip and train leaders both in the church and in the marketplace. Reaching the nations of the world with the message of Christ needs new strategies combined with effective leadership, sufficient knowledge of science and technology and a deeper understanding of the ongoing developments in our fragile world. 


Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offers Diploma, Academic Diploma and Advanced Academic Diploma in Christian Leadership & Applied Theology, which are fully accredited by the International Council for Higher Education. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is a recognized member of European Evangelical Accrediting Association & International Council for Higher Education.


General purpose for the School of Divinity


The School of Divinity offers practical knowledge for Christians who are in leadership positions or pursuing leadership, especially through a non-Western perspective! Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is aware of the fact that Christianity is shifting geographically from north/west to the large south. Due to this rapid development, Foundation Academy of Amsterdam finds it necessary to rediscover Christianity more in an indigenous cultural setting, without neglecting the Western heritage. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam aims to produce Christian leaders with a broader understanding of the world and the people around them. The School of Divinity is designed to:


1. Rediscover Christianity in an indigenous context.


2. Discover the place of the church in the social, economic, political and environmental developments in the world, in the past, present, and future. 


3. Understand and interact with different religions, especially Islam without sacrificing Christian values.


Academic Diploma in Christian Leadership and Applied Theology


Academic Diploma program in Christian Leadership & Applied Theology is a 160 - 180 ECTS credit program, focusing on scriptural foundations, theological and historical settings; this includes a survey of the Old and New Testament, church history, understanding social and global matters, leadership, and evangelism/mission in a contemporary context. The goal of the AD program in the School of Divinity is to produce leaders who are in touch with the realities of the world in which they live, an applied form of theology: theology in practice.


Advanced Academic Diploma in Christian Leadership and Applied Theology


Advanced Academic Diploma program in Leadership & Applied Theology is a 90 - 120 ECTS program and is a further specialization in the fields learned in the AD program. Scriptural surveys of the Old and New Testament will continue; church history will focus more on the history of Christianity rather than the Church history of the West. Non-Western history of Christianity, global Christianity, as well as the emerging Christianity will be studied. Globalization, social justice, and cultural studies will be an important part of the AAD program in Divinity. Gender and minorities will also be an area of focus in the program. An entire unit is dedicated to Islam and its role in global and inter-religious context. Leadership is still a central point of the AAD program. 


The goal of the AAD program in the School of Divinity is to challenge the students to rediscover their own culture and heritage through the eyes of Jesus Christ, and, by doing so, offer their society and the world a different view of Christianity. .


FU Philippines 


FU Philippines offers church-based Bachelor and Master and doctorate programs in Global Studies and Christian Leadership and Applied Theology, accredited by ICHE (International Council For Higher Education) For further information contact FU Philippines office. For more information about Foundation Academy of Amsterdam please Click Here.