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Research Collaboration with South East Asia Bible Seminary in Indonesia

Foundation Academy of Amsterdam and South East Asia Bible Seminary in Indonesia, and Diaspora Empowerment sign a memorandum of Research Agreement. On 3rd of June Dr. Rahmiati Tanudjaja, the Coordinator of Academic Senat of SAAT presented agreement signed by Dr. Martus Maleaki the President of SAAT in Amsterdam. Betty Tjipta Sari, MSc (PhD candidate at Tilburg University) is appointed as the researcher for this project in the Netherlands. The purpose of this Memorandum of Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions, scope of work and responsibilities of the parties associated with their collaboration on a research project in Indonesia and in the Netherlands in the field of practical Theology, integrating Theology and Psychology. Specifically, all parties will cooperate to work together for a research project below:

Research Topic: How migrant women interpret the story of the Siro-Phoenician woman, found in Mark 7:24-29

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