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Dr. Tjeerd de Boer, Appointed as the Dean of Education

Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is proud to announce Dr. Tjeerd de Boer's appointment as the Dean of Education as of February 2021.

Dr. Tjeerd de Boer (1949) lived and worked in Hong Kong from 2013 till 2018, where he was appointed as an associate professor in Mission, Religion, and Culture at the Lutheran Theological Seminary. He studied theology (BA and MA) at the VU University Amsterdam, wherein in 2010, he received his Ph.D. on a dissertation about the Brazilian theologian Rubem Alves.

Dr. De Boer started his professional career as an educator and tutor at Teacher Training Colleges in Amsterdam (1973-1983).

He worked as a professor in Practical Theological Studies at the Evangelical Theological Community in Santiago de Chile (1984-1991) and São Paulo, Brazil (1991-1994). He served as visiting professor in Colombia, Mozambique, and Brazil (2003-2007) and headed the department for educational projects of Edukans (Foundation for Christian Education, 1994-2002) and was responsible for projects in Indonesia, Uganda, Malawi, Peru, and Bolivia (2002-2013).

We are honored to have Dr. De Boer as the Dean of Education at Foundation Academy of Amsterdam and congratulate him with our best wishes.

Note:All the lecturers & the staff of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offer their services on a voluntary base, with the goal to pass on their knowledge and experiences to those who never had a fair chance to pursue higher education.

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