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Student Street Notes

Student Street Notes


Welcome to

Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

Education is not a luxury for the rich and the powerful; education is a matter of human rights and human dignity! 

On behalf of the Foundation Academy of Amsterdam,  I invite you to join us on this journey for change.


Samuel Lee, Ph.D.



"Access to academic education is a matter of Human Rights!"

Dr. Samuel Lee

"Since 2006 free education for citizens of the majority world, migrants, refugees, and persecuted minorities..." 

Inspired by article 26 of  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offers education for those who never had an opportunity to attend a college or a university, due to lack of resources like; finances, proper diploma's, or because they are refugees, migrants or stateless.  If you are rejected at a regular college/university/seminary and you still want to develop your knowledge and skills in the fields of Human Rights, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Theology, then you can apply at Foundation Academy of Amsterdam. 


Foundation Academy of Amsterdam offers


  • Certificate (Cert.), (15-30 ECTS)

  • Diploma (Dip.), (60 ECTS)

  • Academic Diploma (Ac.Dip.) (160-180 ECTS)  and

  • Advanced Academic Diploma (Ad.Ac.Dip.) (90-120 ECTS) 


Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is well received by NGO’s, companies, institutions, and churches. The graduates from Foundation Academy of Amsterdam are active in various fields such as; human rights, social sciences, and education.  


All the programs of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam are accredited every five years by ICHE (the International Council for Higher Education),( 

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