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A Call for Support!

A photo from our graduation in June 2019

Dear friends,

Corona crisis has challenged all humanity: individuals, peoples, companies, organizations, and governments. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is no exception; we are also affected by this crisis. Our onsite classes our closed down, and the office is only functioning online via email communication. However, thanks to our volunteer faculty members, the staff, and our devoted students – we now offer lectures employing online technology, such as zoom. Even though our students are mostly refugees, and migrants with fragile circumstances – yet they show enthusiasm and eagerness to continue the lectures. Yet, they all hope to meet again in person. This attitude of perseverance is a reminder that migrants and refugees never give up hope, and regardless of circumstances of life – they still believe for the better. Humans have the capacity to rise again from any hardship and challenging times.

At this moment, the Foundation Academy of Amsterdam is in a sensitive situation, and we need your help and support—especially when it comes to finances. Therefore, if there is any chance to support us, feel free to do so. Whether you are in the Netherlands, or abroad you can send your gift and support to us via the information below.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to better days!

Kind Regards

Dr. Samuel Lee

President of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam


Bank Information

Stg. Foundation Academy of Amsterdam

For those in the Netherlands:

IBAN Number: NL96INGB0005780947

For those outside EU

Account No. 5780947


Name of the Bank: ING BANK NV

Address of the Academy

Bijlmerdreef 1289

1103 TV Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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Bijlmerdreef 1289  

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