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Royal Award for Dr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Samuel Lee, president of Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, is awarded by His Majesty, the King of the Netherlands, as Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

On the 13th of September, After her beautiful speech by Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam, Mrs. Marjolein Moorman, handed the award to Samuel Lee. He receives this award for his 25 years commitment as a Pentecostal theologian and his service for the migrant churches in the Netherlands. He is also praised for his efforts to offer affordable and, most of the time, tuition-fee free academic education for migrants and refugees. As an independant Pentecostal clergy, he also promotes human rights, social justice, interreligious dialogue, inclusion, and peace.

Last year November, Dr. Samuel Lee was appointed as the Theoloog des Vaderlands, the Theologian of the year in the Netherlands. He is also the director of the Center for Theology of Migration at the Vrije Universiteit, the Faculty of Religion and Theology, in collaboration with Samen Kerk in Nederland (the organization for migrant churches in the Netherlands.

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