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Brian Bonkestoter, FAA's Online Coordinator

Foundation Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Bonkestoter as Online Coordinator (volunteer)

Brian Bonkestoter has been the online study coordinator for our online students at Foundation Academy's School of Divinity since September 2020. His job is to support our online students with their studies by assisting them with any study-related issues they may encounter and keeping track of their academic progress. He also coordinates the students' and teachers' study programs and provides them with all of the necessary study materials. In addition, he advises our students on their studies and possible future academic studies in collaboration with our Dean.

He is currently based in the Netherlands (though he has also lived in eastern Africa) and have Canadian ancestors. He has a ​background in urban and regional planning and law, as well as experience as a project manager. He also served on the board of a Mozambican non-governmental organization (Sarinha) that works on development projects, mostly in the field of education.

Brian's contribution as a volunteer staff member is greatly appreciated by Foundation Academy.

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