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Graduation Ceremony 2023

On the 9th of September, nearly 20 students proudly graduated from the Foundation Academy of Amsterdam. These students hailed from both the School of Theology and the School of Integrated Human Rights. This remarkable achievement is particularly noteworthy because every one of these graduates has endured the challenging journey of migration. Notably, some of our students joined us remotely from Cyprus and Spain.

Dr. Samuel Lee, the founder and president of the Academy, warmly welcomed our esteemed guests and participants. In a poignant address, Dr. Lee commended the graduates, emphasizing that this year, all the graduates from the School of Integrated Human Rights were women. He lauded their unwavering perseverance and reminded us of the pervasive issue of gender inequality in the world. He encouraged these graduates to assert their rights as women and to steadfastly speak the truth. Turning his attention to the theology students, Dr. Lee reminded them that any form of religion, theology, or ideology that infringes upon basic human rights must be reevaluated.

Furthermore, Rev. Walker Clifton, an advanced academic student and minister at the Moravian Church, delivered a thought-provoking speech on the historical context of slavery and its contemporary implications. This was followed by the commencement address by our Dean of Education, Dr. Tjeerd de Boer.

The deans of each school also shared brief messages about their respective schools and highlighted new programs, such as the one presented by Dean Laura Dijkhuizen on practical ministry, scheduled to commence in January this year.

Foundation Academy extends its heartfelt gratitude to all our strategic partners and sponsors who believe in the mission and vision of the Foundation Academy. We remain committed to providing alternative higher education opportunities for those who have been marginalized and denied access. We eagerly look forward to an inspiring academic year ahead.

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