Modern Day Slavery: Online Book Event ~ March 29 (14:00hrs)

FAA School of Global Studies presents an Online Book Event with Sylvia Yu Friedman and Matthew S. Friedman, with special guest drs. Kathleen Ferrier.

Registration is free. Contact Elisabeth Bento for further information

Sylvia Yu Friedman

is an award-winning filmmaker, investigative journalist, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, and advisor to philanthropists. She is the author of two books: Silenced No More: Voices of Comfort Women, the only journalistic account of Japanese military sex slavery during the Second World War, and Heart and Soul: The Life Story of Pastor Augustus Chao. In 2017, Sylvia was listed in Assent Compliance's 'Top 100 Human Trafficking & Slavery Influence Leaders'.

Matthew Friedman

is a leading, internationally renowned global expert on modern slavery and human trafficking. An award-winning public speaker, author, filmmaker, and philanthropist, Friedman regularly advises heads of governments and intelligence agencies. As the founder and CEO of The Mekong Club, Friedman is considered the leading catalyst of the anti-slavery movement in Asia’s business sector by captains of industry.

Kathleen Ferrier

is the chair of UNESCO Netherlands, and the academic lecturer at Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, School of Global Studies, where she lectures Slavery Studies.

About the Books

A Long Road to Justice: Stories from the Frontlines in Asia (Sylvia Yu Friedman)

A constant stream of impoverished women and girls have been, and are being, enslaved and abused in the Asia Pacific region. Slavery is not a historical issue - it's happening today. History is repeating itself. Through Sylvia Yu Friedman's work in journalism, counter-trafficking and philanthropy, she has had rare and incredible access to victims of sex trafficking and modern slavery in China, Thailand, Cambodia, North Korea, South Korea, Myanmar and Indonesia. Amid this terrible human suffering, she has seen frontline workers carrying a great light that has overcome the darkness in some of the most frightening places on Earth. This memoir describes her personal journey in the fight against slavery through supporting philanthropic initiatives and raising awareness through writing articles and producing films. She shares her personal setbacks, and how her awakening to the plight of the victims of Imperial Japanese sex slavery during World War II helped her come to terms with her identity issues over her Korean heritage. She writes about the lessons - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and the people and events that have shaped her along the way.

Where were you?: A Profile of Modern Slavery (Matthew Friedman)

There are more slaves in the world today than any other time in history. Enter the world of human trafficking and explore what we can do together to end this global crime. Where Were You?: A Profile of Modern Slavery by Matthew Friedman provides an up-to-date overview of human trafficking, a largely ignored present-day evil, and recounts true stories of enslavement in Asia today. Former United Nations and USAID expert Matthew Friedman obtained in-depth first-hand knowledge with boots-on-the-ground work over 30 years throughout Asia. Human trafficking exists in nearly every nation on earth and Friedman has personally interviewed hundreds of freed slaves and imprisoned traffickers throughout South and Southeast Asia. The modern slave trade operates in brothels, fisheries, clothing and chocolate industries, as well as a myriad of other manufacturing jobs and is a billion dollar business that continues to grow unchecked. Even with the collective response of governments, the UN and civil society partners, less than 0.2 percent of the victims are assisted. ""We''re not winning the fight against human slavery. Relying solely on the anti-slavery community around the world to tackle the scourge of modern slavery and the criminals behind it simply is not working. Unless something drastic changes, this trend will continue unabated,"" writes Friedman. This book not only reveals the plight of human trafficking victims, Friedman also offers valuable advice and guidance related to his own personal experiences working in the counter-trafficking and development world. He offers valuable lessons for those thinking about entering this field."

Registration is free. Contact Elisabeth Bento for further information

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