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Support Foundation Academy of Amsterdam (Promo 2023)

Video & Text: We extend our gratitude to Ruïe Wijnschenk for creating this video as part of her internship project at Vrije Universiteit, Faculty of Religion and Theology (Peace, Trauma, and Religion) master's program.

At The Foundation Academy of Amsterdam, we believe that education is a lifelong asset that can never be lost or taken away. Through education we empower our students to become the owners of their own destinies and positively impact that of others. Ways in which you can support our students:

Financial Support:

one-time donations or ongoing partnerships based on annual financial support, in the form of a fixed grant or percentage of profits, enables us to support our tuition-free education, supply our students with study materials, develop new educational programs and expand our reach.

In-Kind donations:

help enhance the educational resources available to our students and enrich their learning environment by providing technological devices to improve their digital literacy skills. Other in-kind donations could include educational software, licenses for online learning platforms, and training programmes.

Internship and Job opportunities:

establishing job placement programs or internship opportunities provides our students with practical work experience and opportunities to develop essential skills, increasing their employability upon graduation. Our students are motivated and resilient individuals who have overcome significant challenges, thus contributing to your company with their unique perspectives and bring unique perspectives and a valuable set of skills.

If empowering marginalized individuals, upholding human rights, and investing in a more inclusive society through education aligns with the values of your company, please consider these ways to support The Foundation Academy. Through your support you become a fundamental part of our organization and our mission of creating a more just and equitable world through accessible higher education.

Your support has the power to transform lives and rewrite the narratives of marginalized individuals; it enables our students to dream.

You will find more information about our vision and the transformative impact of your support. Demonstrate your commitment to positive social change and join us on our mission. Together let’s build a brighter future using the power of education.


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